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I am So Kom Grace Kim.

So Kom (& or Grace) is biking towards a peaceful future for women everywhere. She will biking from the DMZ to Busan to raise awareness and create new content that will be used to fundraise support for the construction of the Statue of Peace in Philadelphia.

Using the bike and biker as a vessel to venture in search of peace, Grace wants to get to the root of chaos. Individually, interpersonally, and systemically the search to end wars, to reconcile friends, lovers, and families, and to find peace begins with the self and spreads into the community through action.

A special thanks to Joanne Nguyen, Mel Watkins & Woohee Kim for supporting this project and website. It would not be what it is today without your support. Much love to you all.  

The Origins of My Name








gold, metals

resurrect, revival

now, today

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