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The Pursuit for Peace


Biking towards a peaceful future for women everywhere.


1st Leg:  Completed

2nd Leg:  To be Completed 

Tour Stops

38th Parallel DMZ  Incheon Seoul


Seoul → Busan  


174 km (108.1 miles) : Completed

586 Km (364 miles) : Left To Go

Mode of Transportation


The Pursuit for Peace is a 15-day cycling fundraiser in support of the Statue of Peace to be installed in Philadelphia.

So Kom will be biking from the DMZ to Busan to raise awareness of the memory of Japanese military "comfort women" and their fight for justice.


The Pursuit for Peace project was created to raise awareness of the history of violence against women worldwide. So Kom is leading a team based in Korea that hopes to raise $150,000 to support the Statue of Peace Plaza Committee through a multi-faceted fundraiser. So Kom will bike over 700 kilometers across South Korea in 15 days, generating high quality photos that will be paired with quotes and stories that offer reflection on “comfort women'' and post-war Korea. These photos will be purchased by supporters in Korea and the proceeds will be forwarded to The Statue Of Peace Plaza Committee in Philadelphia, in solidarity with women who suffer violence worldwide. The mission is to spread messages of justice and peace to future generations around the world.


The Statue of Peace Plaza will be one of the world’s first public spaces dedicated to the memory of “comfort women” and their fight for justice in the long aftermath of war. Join us in making this historic plaza a site of solidarity and education for women's rights and peace.

Goal: $150,000


design and construction.png

Design Development &
Construction Planning

Plaza Construction
& Landscaping

Statue of Peace
Customization & Installation

Project Completion
by 2022

How You Can Support

 Hover over the circles for more information.


Click on the circle to be redirected to the "Build the Statue of Peace Plaza" GoFundMe page.


Click on the circle to be redirected to a Google Form where you can pledge to donate for every km biked.
If you pledge, you will be updated on the progress of this journey via email!

Photos taken throughout the bike trip will be printed out and distributed in both the US and Korea.
Coming Soon
The physical prints will be backed by NFT. Scroll down below to read about the photos and click to see the NFT. 
Coming Soon

Prints from the bike trip will be on display at Flohas Art, Crazy Multiply (Seoul), Women and War Museum, Art & Change U of U.

Stay updated on our progress on Facebook or Instagram!

“We want justice and remembrance. By embedding the Statue of Peace in Philadelphia, we are challenged to turn towards history, and we are reminded to not make the same mistake again.”

So Kom Grace Kim

Artist Gallery Auction House

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