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Finding Peace

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Throughout this journey, I have and am still conducting interviews with elders, peers, comrades and friends about what Peace mean. Here is what I have so far.

These are over-arching themes that I am exploring through these interviews.





The tension between peace and distribution



International Relations despite differences

Intergenerational passing of knowledge


History Still being created


Redress movement

Youth movements

Silencing, erasure, omission

What does peace mean to you personally?

Communally? Internationally?

What has been something that you’ve noticed that disrupts the peace?

How are you able to find peace?

Who is on the margins when peace is disrupted

Can we talk about about Women’s rights & the fight for human rights?

Why is this so damn difficult to speak up?

I think it's because of the risk... of the consequences of being the disruptor...

for challenging those with power.

What is at stake?

& despite fear....

where can we find courage?

When we are alone...

how can we heal, to find peace?

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